Anak Dara at Trotter&Sholer, New York, NY, Sept. 10 – 27. 

Bungkus at Chase Gallery, Soften Exhibit, Spokane, June 4 - 30 2020

Melipat for Shapeshifters virtual exhibit at Spokane Arts, May 1 - May 29, 2020

Bungkus for Creative Urgencies at Terrain, Spokane, May 1 2020    


Anak Mami and Home Sweet Home at KMAC Gallery, Times of Perception, Baltimore MD, Aug

26 – Oct 26.

Anak Mami at Amherst College, Muslim Women Reclaim Their Identities, Hampshire Count MA,

April 27, 2019

"Anak Mami" and "Strings" at Chase Gallery, Spokane WA, April 1 - June 26, 2019

"Mama" at Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU, Pullman WA, Feburary 17, 2019


“Strings” at Blackfish Gallery, The Immigrant Experience, Portland, December 4-29, 2018

“Home Sweet Home” “Oriental Woman” “Radical Media” at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, This Is

America, New York, Oct 22-29, 2018


“Home Sweet Home” at The Ely Center, Broad Stripes and Bright Stars, New Haven, June 1-

August 17, 2017

“Oriental Woman” at The Triangle at Pearl Street and Anchorage Place, Light Year 27: Motion,

New York, July 6th 2017


January 21, 2017 - “Home Sweet Home” at The Bushwick Collective Art Exhibition, New York,

June 3-5, 2016

- “Oriental Woman” at BUFU Studios, YJC & BUFU Present: R U 4 REAL Exhibition, New York,

July 2. 2016

“The Word Immigrant” performance at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Realities of Muslim

Women, New York,

“Fear of the Other” performance at S.A.D. Gallery, the Night of Intimacy exhibition, New York,

September 16, 2016

- “Newsfeed” at Parsons 25 E 13th st Gallery, The Digital Diaspora Winter, New York, 2016


“Solution Threat” at the Parsons Paris gallery, The Spectrum Exhibition, Paris, April 16-22, 2015


We Are Not the Same” at the New School, The Traced Bodies Exhibition, New York, November

7 - December 12, 2014