oil on canvas, batik fabric and found beads
48 x 48 inches
New York

Batu Belah, Batu Bertangkup: The Devouring Rock series (1 in 6), these paintings explores and re-interprets the Malaysian folktale by the same name. The body of work navigates ideas of domesticity and prescribed roles of mother and daughter within families and marriage. This piece, Don’t Forget What I’ve Told You, is where the mother tells the daughter to prepare the mudskipper with fish roe in it. Trusting her daughter with the responsibility and creating a parental role for her child to also take care of her brother.

Title: “Don’t forget what I’ve told you”  

Title: “You’re unreliable, you couldn’t save some for me?”  

Title: “Mak, dont talk like that”  

Title: “Wait for me!”  

Title: “Please let me mother go”  

Title: “Not my burden to bear”