Azzah Sultan received her BFA from Parsons School of Design and her MFA at Washington State University. She was born in Abu Dhabi and is a Malaysian native who grew up in Malaysia, Saudi, Finland, Bahrain and has spent ten years living in America working on her artistic practice. She has had her art exhibited in The New School, S.A.D. Gallery, The Bushwick Collective, BUFU Studios, The Ely Center, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Blackfish Gallery, Chase Gallery, Terrain 12, KMAC Gallery, Apostrophe Galley and etc. She was a panelist for Muslim Women Reclaim Their Identities at Amherst College and a guest lecturer at Chautauqua Institution. She has been a resident at Pioneer Works, MITU Hybrid Arts Lab and the Anderson Center. She is exhibited two solo shows at Trotter & Sholer gallery in New York and one solo show at Rissim Contemporary in Kuala Lumpur. She is currently a teaching artist at the Lower East Side Girls Club.

Rediscovery of my culture, exploration of craft, intergenerational connections, distortion of archival footage, and digital reframing of mixed media—these are all factors in my practice. I gravitate towards past experiences, frustrations, and the unknown. My body of work debunks cultural myths created by society and explores stigmas related to my identity. I aim to give authority to myself in my work by being the performer, the author, and the subject.